Sundance 2015 Documentary Films

There are two categories of documentary films in the Sundance 2015 festival:

US Documentary

This category showcases 16 American world premiere documentaries illuminating the events, people and ideas which have helped to shape the modern world.


3 ½ Minutes explores Jordan Russell Davis’ tragic death at the hands of Michael David Dunn, racism and the criminal justice system

Being Evel – a candid examination of the life of Even Knievel

Best of Enemies – a look at the 1968 delevised debates between William F Buckley Jr and Gore Vidal concerning God, sex and politics

Call Me Lucky – a portrait of comic, political satirist and peace activist Barry Crimmins

Cartel Land – a 21st century western in which vigilantes fight Mexican drug cartels

City of Gold – Jonathan Gold sheds light upon the growing vibrant cultural movement where he takes dual roles as a culinary geographer and high low priest of Los Angeles

Fingers Keepers – amputee and recovering addict John Wood battles to reclaim his own leg

Hot Girls Wanted – an examination of the amateur porn industry

How To Dance In Ohio – young adults and teens in Ohio who are all autistic prepare for a spring formal

Larry Kramer in Love & Anger – exploring the importance in contemporary gay America of activist, playwright and author Larry Kramer

Meru – 3 mountain climbers struggle through the elements and loss to climb Shark’s Fin on Mount Meru

Racing Extinction – exploring issues surrounding mass extinction and endangered species

(T)ERROR – a unrestricted glimpse into counterterrorism tactics

Welcome to Leith – white supremacy in North Dakota

Western – a lawman and a cowboy face the new reality which threatens their lifestyle

The Wolfpack – 6 teenager brothers have been secluded from society and dream of escape

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World Cinema Documentary (Sundance 2015 Documentary Films)

This category showcases 12 documentaries by courageous international film makers:

The Amina Profile – a love story enacted between two women during the Arab revolution

Censored Voices – intimate conversations held with soldiers returning from the 1967 6 Day War

The Chinese Mayor – the struggle to turn Datong into a haven for tourism

Chuck Norris vs Communism – an exploration of film which was brought to 1980s Romania

Dark Horse – a true tale of friends who bred a racehorse

Dreamcatcher – a look into the hidden world of a teenage prostitute turned advocate for change

How To Change The World – the tale of the founders of Greenpeace

Listen to Me Marlon – a documentary about Marlon Brando

Pervert Park – following the life of sex offenders in Florida

The Russian Woodpecker – a Chernobyl victim discovers a secret and tries to decide whether to reveal it and risk his life amid the burgeoning war and revolution

Sembene! – a dock worker from Senegal dreams of becoming a story teller for Africa

The Visit – documenting an event which never happened – the first encounter of humans with intelligent aliens and the effect on human life itself .